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  • How do I position my Modem to get the best signal?
The ideal placement for your modem is near a window or an external wall and away from microwaves, cordless phones, wireless routers, and stereo speakers.

After you have plugged the modem into a power outlet it will automatically search for a signal. While searching the LED lights on the modems front panel will blink sequentially.

Once the modem picks up a signal the LED lights will stop blinking. The number of LED lights that remain lit up on the modems front panel will indicate the available signal strength in your current location (like cell phone bars).

For excellent Clearwire service you will need to ensure that a minimum of TWO green LED lights are lit The more LED lights that are lit, the stronger your signal

Small movements of a quarter turn of your modem can lead to significant improvements in signal strength. If you went from 1 flashing light to 2 or 3+ flashing lights, Congratulations you just improved your signal strength!

If the minimum of two green LEDs are NOT showing on your modem panel in your 1st choice location, try moving the modem to another room Move only the modem, (not your computer), from room to room. Always place the modem on a steady surface away from all other electronics. Plug in the power cord and wait 15-20 seconds to allow for an accurate signal reading.

When the front LEDs stop flashing, look again for at least two lit green LED lights. Then twist the entire modem clockwise at the base with incremental twists of 1/4″ at a time to fine tune the signal in each new position.

Try different bedrooms, the kitchen, the attic or even the garage. You never know where the best signal will be.

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