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The MOCA 1.0 specification allows 8 MoCA devices per MoCA channel. Early MOCA devices such as the Motorola NIM-100, first generation Actiontec MI424-WR routers (Rev. A-E), and STBs conform to the MoCA 1.0 specification. Newer MOCA devices conform to the MOCA 1.1 specification which allows 16 devices per channel. Fortunately it is possible to utilize a second MoCA channel. The second MoCA channel is suitable only for extending your LAN over the coax. Your STBs and primary router must remain on the first MoCA channel. You will need two (or more) MOCA bridges in order to utilize a second MoCA channel.

You can find a list of available MoCA bridges here.

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Note: For clarity, the second MoCA channel is shown in red in the above diagram. As long as the coax runs provide a continuous signal path, devices on either MoCA channel can be connected anywhere on the coax.

Caution: Not all MOCA devices support all channels.
• The Westell 9100EM and Actiontec rev. E support channels not available on a NIM-100.
• The channel on the Actiontec HME-2200 can not be changed (there is no configuration interface).

Changing the MoCA Channel:

On the Actiontec or Westell:

This assumes you are using an additional Actiontec as a MoCA bridge. This should not be attempted if the Actiontec is your primary router. You will lose connectivity to your STBs.

    •Click on the MY NETWORK icon
    •Select NETWORK CONNECTIONS from the menu on the left
    •Make sure ADVANCED view is enabled.
    •Click on coax
    •From the channel pull down, select a specific channel. This must be the same channel used by the MOCA bridge.
    •Make sure MOCA privacy is enabled.
    •In the PASSWORD field, enter a MOCA network encryption password (12-17 numeric characters).
    •Click OK

On each MOCA bridge:

    •Connect a PC directly to the MOCA bridge.
    •Follow the instructions for logging in to your particular MOCA bridge.
    For a NIM-100, the instructions are as follows. Other MOCA bridges should be similar.
      •Do an IPCONFIG /RELEASE and /RENEW on the PC. The PC should assign itself a 169.254.1.x address since no DHCP server is available.
      •Browse to You should be presented with the NIM-100 login screen. The password is "entropic" (without quotes).
      •Go to the SETUP screen.

        Under LAN
        • Be sure config type is C.LINKLOCAL.
        Under COAX
        •Select the same channel selected on the Actiontec.
        •Enter the same MOCA network encryption password (12-17 numeric characters) that you entered on the Actiontec.
        •Click APPLY

      •Click APPLY on the SETUP screen.
      •Reboot the NIM-100.
      Note: Be careful when changing settings on the NIM-100. It is possible to "brick" the NIM-100.

    After the MOCA bridge is configured, check the coax stats on the Actiontec to verify that each MOCA bridge is communicating.

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