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Things that are worth to explore

1) check your interface between your gear and the ISP. Ensure the right
speed and duplex is present, and whether there are any errors / drops / etc.

2) check your interface between your gear to the LAN for the same thing.

3) if possible, use Fluke meter to check the cabling.

4) check the outputs of the following Cisco IOS commands:

- show process cpu history
- show proc mem
- show process cpu | exclude 0.00%__0.00%__0.00%

5) trend your router's performance with MRTG or similar to see what kind of
performance it has. Also useful is speedtest.net or similar.

6) get Cisco IOS iperf command or similar to check the performance of your current config.

7) provide the COMPLETE running config for review to the forum.


Some examples of posts with specific pieces of equipment.

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