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A new FiOS installation is built with equipment fresh out of the box. Some installers unpack the boxes before they arrive, so you may not see the packing material. Generally speaking, your installation uses the latest equipment.

However, any supply system has a certain amount of granularity, so your area may still be installing with older equipment while another area has already depleted older stock. Also, some areas may be allocated different models. Westell routers were deployed in some areas, while Actiontecs were exclusively used in others.

If you have an outage that's caused by a router failure, FSC tech support says they will send you a new router, and require you to return the old one. When returned, the router is tested and functional items are returned to inventory. The Actiontec Rev.A had significant limitations and it's safe to say that model has been pulled from inventory. The Rev.C may be issued as a replacement, and the Rev.D models are still in plentiful supply. So no matter what router you were initially provided, you may receive an older model replacement.

There is no known method of requesting a specific model as a replacement. In spite of what you may hear from a CSR on the phone, yours is the next one out the door from the central facility. You get what they ship. It's just another box to them. Don't fall for the line "you can buy one for $139." There still is no guarantee what you will receive. It gets shipped from that same central facility.

You may improve your chances of getting a newer model replacement during an on-site repair visit if the technician replaces from stock on his truck. However, in conversation with one technician locally, it was clear that his inventory was controlled, and he had two types of router models on his truck: new and refurb.

A local FiOS store may have replacement equipment, but it is not certain what items they have in stock. They seem to be TV-centric, allowing users to trade up or down on STBs and DVRs.

Another avenue is to search ebay for a specific router, with all the attendant risk and uncertainty involved in that marketplace.

If the reason you want a new router model is for a specific feature, you should consider the wider variety of equipment that's available to you on the consumer market, and use Verizon-supplied equipment as a bridge to it. See the tradeoffs FAQ here for more options. »Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »What are the tradeoffs between the various router configurations

As of 1/11/11, the Westell 9100EM Rev.B is in use in some areas (TX,CA).

The Actiontec Rev. I with 802.11n and Gig-E ports is currently used for new installs. It can also be ordered from Verizon's web site.
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