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  • How to pick the best VPN providers for TV over IP
It seems all are roughly equal in terms of performance. If they are fast enough to stream TV smoothly and reliable enough to be there when you need it, then just go with the cheapest option. They range from 40 to over 100 for an annual account with no real difference in terms of reliability and bandwidth. Performance depends on where you are based, rather than the company you use.

Some use non-standard (non-native or open source) VPN which means you'll have to download and install their software. For most of us, that's worth avoiding; so go with something using VPN's de facto standards (Microsoft, Cisco, etc.) Also make sure you pay with a reliable service like Google payments or PayPal, and make sure the merchant is a verified user of that service, so that your purchase is somewhat covered by a guarantee.

Other than the above considerations, what you're really looking for is a reliable company that is established and that gives you a fuzzy feeling about working with them. PayPal verification and their response to your initial inquiry should tell you a lot.

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  • Here is the list of top 5 VPN Software Providers. The best thing for this list is that it also give you the competitive analysis of all the top5 VPN Software Vendors. Here is the list 5 Best VPN Software

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