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All of a sudden, your computer is not online any more. What basic steps can you take to diagnose what is wrong?

A variety of problems can be the cause of "net down".

The first thing to check is power, lights and connections. If there are lights to check, are they all green? If they flash with activity, are they flashing when you attempt to use your browser? The modem may be trying to tell you something. Refer to your manual on lights or status information.

If you're running Microsoft Windows, a reboot is often the first thing to try unless you have evidence that the problem lies elsewhere.

General tests are, first, try to ping a well known server, like Netscape. Open an MSDOS prompt, type ping www.netscape.com and press return.

NOTE:(Make sure the server you pick to ping responds to ping! Many servers now do not, and you should not confuse that with a network problem).

If you cannot resolve the name to an IP address (ping will hang for a while or may fail with cannot resolve hostname type errors), then ping a known good IP address. The IP address of your local ISP is a logical start. It is always useful to have some key IP addresses jotted down for simple diagnostics like this, unless you have a good memory for 4 part numbers. If you can ping an IP address inside your ISP, congratulations, it is not your DSL line.

If it is your DSL line, you may be able to call the ISP and get them to try to ping you, which should start them on solving your case, otherwise your ISP maybe able to inform you of a network problem they are having.

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