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How can I find out why Actiontec or Westell router is crashing?
When the router is rebooted, the system log has been cleared so there is no evidence of why it crashed.

In order to save the messages from the router, you need to log to a syslog server.
If you have a system running linux, then you already have one.
If you're running Windows, you can download a free one such as the Kiwi Syslog Server.

Install and start the syslog server. You will probably want the machine running the syslog server to have a static IP address.

Configure the Actiontec to write to the syslog machine.
    • Login to the Actiontec.
    • Click on the ADVANCED icon.
    • Select System Settings. The System Settings page is displayed.
    • In the Remote System Notify Level pull-down, select the level of logging you want. Info is the most detailed and includes errors and warnings.
    • An IP address fill-in appears. Enter the IP address of the machine running the syslog server.
    • Apply.

Repeat for security logging, if desired.

Each message written to the router's log file should now also be written to the syslog server.

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