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With the current version of Mozilla Thunderbird (17.0.6 updated) setting up email for one of your domains is simple, but not clearly described anywhere. Using as an example a domain called domain.com that you wish to use, the following procedure should enable you to both send and receive mail through your domain.

Under Tools -> Account Settings, find the button for Account Actions, and in the drop-down, select "Add Mail Account". Fill in the label you prefer in the first box (something you will easily recognize in the accounts column, like zelda@domain.com). In the next line, put your full email address. Enter your password (for the email account at your domain, not the comcast password). Now the tricky part: Click on continue, but IMMEDIATELY click on 'stop' in the next screen so that Thunderbird does not configure the account for you.

You should have something like this:

Now go back to the left column in the Account Settings screen, scroll down and find the account you set up in the first step. Click on it.

Be SURE to check that the incoming settings are for a POP account, if that's what your domain uses.
Click on "Manual Setup". This will return you to the account setup screen. Scroll down the left column and find your new email account. Leave it alone for the moment. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Outgoing Server". In the window that opens, find the automatically generated SMTP (In this example, it would say "smtp.zelda.com"). Delete it. Now click on "Add". A new window called "SMTP Server" will open. Call this setting the same or similar to your earlier selection: zelda@domain. In the Server Name box, enter "smtp.comcast.net". Finish entries in the other boxes as shown. The port must be set to 587.

Click "OK" and go back to the left column in the Account Settings screen. Scroll down to your original new email account. Click on it, and in the right column, find the line that says, "Outgoing Server (SMTP):" In the drop-down, find your new SMTP settings. In this example case it is listed as "zelda@domain.com - smtp.comcast.net". Select it. This is very important.

Next click on the "Server Settings" line under the email account. Set it up as shown below.

You should now be able to send and receive email via your domain.

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