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  • What is VirginMobile Broadband2Go

Broadband2Go is the brand that VirginMobileUSA (VM) uses for its prepaid wireless data access.

Currently VirginMobileUSA uses 3G(CDMA/EVDO Revision A) and 4G(LTE) and 4G(WIMAX) for its network in the United States.

VM Broadband2Go is advertised with average 3G(EVDO) downlink (download speeds from the internet to your machine) data speeds between 600 and 1400 Kbps. Uplink (upload speeds from your computer to the internet) data speeds on 3G(EVD) can reach speeds of 600 Kbps.

VM 4G(WIMAX) is being advertised as speeds of 3 - 6 mbps download. They have not listed uplink speeds on the 4G(WIMAX) network.

SprintNextel (Sprint) access points (also referred to as towers) are used for access, no roaming onto non Sprint access points is available.

Since the service uses Sprint 3G(CDMA EVDO Revision A) and the Sprint 4G(LTE and WIMAX) networks the frequency will be the same as other Sprint devices. 

LTE bands: B25, B26, B41

CDMA: Band class 0, 1 and 10

The 3G(EVDO) devices are commonly referred to as a CDMA 1900mhz system. CDMA: Band class 0, 1 and 10.

The 4G(LTE) devices are bands: B25, B26, B41

The 4G(WIMAX) devices are referred to as 802.16e mobile WiMax standard 2.5GHz (2.5Ghz WIMAX). 

VM Broadband2Go (bb2g) service is routed differently than Sprint connection card products on the 3G(EVDO) side. Routing on the 4G(WIMAX) network is unknown at this time. Routing on the 4G(LTE) devices is also different than a sprint contract product.

VM  bb2g services appear to be behind some sort of blind proxy and may not be able to host some services, like a web server, or a VNC server, for example. VM bb2g, like Sprint mobile broadband services, proxy all DNS requests to Sprint's DNS servers blindly while on 3G(EVDO). The 4G(LTE) does not have blind dns proxy, the user is able to select whatever DNS provider they wish while on the LTE network.

VM bb2g can be used to access most VPN's, however, in the past some Cisco VPN configurations, but not all, had issues. This has been corrected with updated software from cisco.

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