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Note: This page is provided "as-is", updates will not be instantaneous as the production /forums/all page is. Private and invitation-only forums are not shown in this list.

Up and running

»Scam and Phishbusters
»Security Cleanup
»Wireless Security
»General Questions
»Wireless Networking
»Filesharing Software
»Virtual Private Networking
»Road Warriors, Notebooks & Distance
»TV over IP


»Canadian Broadband
»Canadian Chat
»Bell Canada

U.S. Cable support

»Comcast HSI
»Comcast Cable TV
»Time Warner Cable TV/Voice
»Cable users
»Time Warner Cable
»Cox HSI
»Charter Internet/TV
»Bright House Networks
»Inside Insight
»Earthlink Cable

US Telco Support

»Verizon FiOS
»Verizon FiOS TV
»Verizon DSL
»AT&T U-verse
»AT&T Southeast
»AT&T Midwest
»AT&T West
»AT&T Southwest
»AT&T Northeast
»Frontier Communications

Selected ISP Support

»DSL Extreme
»Earthlink DSL
»AOL Broadband
»Covad /
»Verizon Wireless


»Sprint Mobile Broadband
»Wireless Users Chat
»Alltel Axcess


»HughesNet Satellite
»WildBlue Satellite


»Other Satellite
»VOIP Tech Chat

Direct Support

»TekSavvy Direct
»AT&T Direct
»Verizon Direct
»/forum ··· erdirect
»Comcast Direct
»Bell Canada Direct
»Time Warner Cable Direct
»Optimum Direct
»/forum ··· addirect


»Broadband Modem (Hardware)
»Other Manufacturers
»Buffalo Tech
»SMC Networks

Industry Forums

»Wireless Service Providers
»Security Product Vendors
»ISP b2b etc

Other Connectivity

»Cellphones, Providers, and Plans
»Fiber Optic
»Business Connectivity
»Other Broadband

Site Forums

»Need Site Help
»FAQ Owners chat


»Home Improvement
»PC Hardware Discussion/Reviews
»Computer Hardware Help
»Audio/Video Chat
»Digital Imaging
»Digital Imaging Technology
»Cable & Satellite TV
»Avatar/Graphics Help
»Ham Radio
»Home/Office setup photos
»Photos of Broadband gear
»Overclocking / Modding
»Satellite Radio

OS and Software

»All Things Apple
»No, I Will Not Fix Your #@$!! Computer
»All Things Unix
»Mozilla Software
»Web Developers
»Broadband Tweaks
»Site Tools
»Team Discovery
»Team Starfire
»Team Helix
»Distributed Computing

Computer Games and Clans

»World of Warcraft
»PC Gaming
»PC gaming Tech
»Console Tech
»[BBR] Clan Public

Tech and Talk

»Rants, Raves, and Praise
»56k Lookout! (broadband heavy)
»Sports Chat
»Automotive Social
»Anime/Sci Fi/TV
»Pub Games

City Chat

»New York
»Southern California
»Connecticut Chat
»Northern California
»New England
»Extended Pacific Northwest
»Washington & Baltimore
»Southwest Chat
»UK Chat
»Texas Gulf Coast
»Philadelphia & Northeast
»International Broadband
»South Central
»Dallas/Fort Worth

Hot Deals

»Users find Hot Deals
»Users find Hot Deals (non hardware)
»Requests for Hot Deals

Current Affairs / Politics

»/forum ··· blueroom
»It Is The Economy, Stupid

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