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The following comprehensive list of threads containing useful grounding information was posted in the WISP forum by lutful See Profile:

*** standards/guidelines
»[Tech Ops] Motorola R56 Document
»Grounding and Bonding. More than you will ever want to know..
»Best practice generalized from Motorola/Alvarion docs
»ARRL and Polyphaser lightning protection links
»OT - Grounding and Bonding in C4ISR Facilities (EMP)

*** technical stuff for in-depth understanding
»[Fundamentals] concept of lightning protection zones (LPZ)
»proper lightning surge protection of electrical panels
»stormchasing vehicles: your thoughts on lightning protection
»next topic at request of nunya and dadawgs

*** PoE protector design
»Indoor Ethernet surge protection?
»[Equipment] Anyone ever try these surge units?
»MTik nv2..."let's try this again"

*** recent general discussions
»How to ground radios and sectors
»Proper Grounding Techniques for CPE's, AP's and Antennas?
»[Tech Ops] Grounding question for the experienced members
»To ground or not to ground.....
»[Tech Ops] Grounding question for the experienced members
»Lightning damage pics
»Towersite buildout
»Towersite buildout part 2
»lightning damage...
»grounding gurus? comments please (pics attached)

*** older general discussions
»grounding and lightning protection recommendations
»Corrosion at bulkhead joints
»Grounding test
»Re: Bonding ground to building ground
»Outdoor AC Surge Suppressor
»isolation transformer
»Need help with 2.4
»POE and lightning
»I could use some help with lightning/surge protection
»Grounding equipment to tower
»How to ground radios and sectors
»[Bus. Ops] CPE grounding 'Poll'
»YAGT: Grounding outside antenna without a service ground
»Grounding question
»[Equipment] Interesting grounding situation

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