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Hi all, I've had the Samsung Focus for about 4 days now and wanted to give my impressions. Keep in mind this is my first smartphone, I've never used an iphone or anything similar. Also, I do not have a work cell phone so I'm only using this for my personal cell phone; keeping tabs on a couple of yahoo! email accounts, listening to music, surfing the web, facebook, twitter, etc. I'm not that technical of a guy so if you're looking for specs I'm sure you can find those with a google search, I'm not going to provide them here.


The interface - The screen is large and colorful, with great color. The interface is great, with customizable tabs on the home screen that provide shortcuts to just about anything you'd want to do. Apps, contacts, e-mail, songs, Neflix streaming, even web bookmarks, you name it...if you can get to it on this phone you can attach it to the home screen. The touchscreen works well.

The internet - There is not much difference between surfing with a laptop or desktop and this phone. I haven't found a website it couldn't handle. The voice search functionality is really cool, you hit the search button and a bing screen comes up. Then you can hold down a little microphone icon and say what you're trying to find, it'll figure it out and bring up a browser search page. It works incredibly well, I've only had it be wrong once and that was a friend's name...kind of cheating.

Apps - Pretty cool, although admittedly I am new to this aspect. The apps for facebook and twitter work very well, and I'm stoked that I have access to Netflix streaming on my phone via an app. My favorite though, and part of what made me buy this phone, is the XBox Live functionality. Download an app and you have mobile control of your avatar, and the games you play affect your gamerscore when you garner achievements. I've only bought one game so far (which you can charge directly to your cc on your xbox live acct and therefore avoid extra charges to the phone bill), The Harvest, but it's very good, better than I would've expected for a cell phone game (I've only played flash games and the like on cell phones before so I can't judge against the more popular iphone games). EDIT: Of course there are many more apps available in Marketplace, but I haven't installed or used them yet.

The MS Office Suite - MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote are here, as well as the ability to connect to SkyDrive via the phone. I saw an app for adobe as well. I probably won't use this too much since this is my personal phone but it is nice to know it is there.

Contacts - The phone downloaded all my facebook contacts into my contact list, then I linked them to the contacts I imported from my old phone. Now calling, e-mailing, texting, and writing on someone's wall via text can all be done from the same place, and all the information was gathered automatically. If they had it available on facebook it's on my phone.

In the box - The phone came with a charger that doubles as a USB connector and a pair of very nice noise cancelling headphones. It's nice not to be nickel and dimed for once.


Zune - This isn't much of a con, mostly Zune is pretty cool, but I had never used it before and to sync songs over to the phone you have to do it via Zune. I downloaded it on my laptop at home and couldn't get the phone to sync, the two just weren't recognizing each other. After hours on a Saturday searching online for a solution and playing with settings and whatnot I just uninstalled Zune then installed it again. It's worked ever since.

Ringtones - I can't believe that a smartphone in this day and age won't let you set custom ringtones, but you can't. About the only way to even GET ringtones onto your phone is either to e-mail them to yourself or buy them, and then they'll only play in Zune. You can't set them to your collection of stock ringtones (at least no way I've found).

Battery life - I know it's worse on other phones, but still, you have to charge it at least every day. Not too much of an issue for me because it charges with a standard USB cable, as did my last phone, so I've got a charger on my desk at work, one at home, and one in the car.

Overall I think the phone is great and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

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