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The Virgin Mobile (VM) Broadband2Go (bb2g) service accepts normal Virgin Mobile Top up cards, Virgin Mobile bb2g Top up cards, and credit cards.

Top up cards can be any denomination, as you can add them separately to your account to total up to the amount needed for the plan you are wanting to activate.

When using the phone service branded Top up cards (older cards) the dollar amount under the giant minutes listed is the value that is applied.

For example if you wanted to activate a $55 6GB plan, you could add a $25 VM Top up and a $30 VM Top up card to the account and then activate the $55 6GB plan.

Top up cards are added using the top up menu on the virgin mobile account webpage. Any top up cards redeemed are then added to the Available Cash Balance for that account.

Credit card's can be added to the account as a payment method as well.

Currently when you activate a plan, you will select either an "Auto Renewal plan", or a "1 Month Only" plan. If you select the Auto Renewal plan then after 30 days it would either charge your card or remove the plan price from the available cash balance. If you don't have either an available cash balance , or a valid credit card, the plan will be canceled, you can then select whichever plan you want to re-start internet access. 

Once you are on an active plan that plan will vanish from the list of available plans and will be replaced with "Restart Your Current Plan", if you select that plan ANY UNUSED DATA WILL BE LOST. The reason this selection exists is to buy more data if you used all allotted data.

For example if you activated your plan on Jan 1, and used all 6GB of data by Jan 10, you could re-enable your internet service by selecting "Restart Your Current Plan". You would then have 6GB more (or whatever plan you are re-starting) data for 30 more days.

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