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The equipment Verizon installs varies depending on the type of installation:

SFU exterior

The ONT is installed outside. The battery backup unit (BBU) and Power Supply (PS) are installed inside. The PS must be within 6 feet of a grounded outlet. The PS can be upto 50 feet from the BBU.

SFU interior

An All-In-One ONT is usually used on inside installs. The ONT, BBU and PS are in a single enclosure.

MDU FTTU (fiber to the unit)

Verizon runs microduct to each unit. An All-In-One or a desktop ONT is used.


A shared ONT is installed in a common location. Video is fed via existing coax. Internet is fed over existing phone wiring using VDSL. This option is only used where the landlord or condo association does not permit microduct to be run or running microduct is impractical. A VDSL modem is installed in the unit. VDSL-1 installs used a Zyxel 861 modem. VDSL-1 is limited to 20/5 Mbps. Newer installs use VDSL2 and a Westell 9100VM VDSL router (similar to the 9100EM but with VDSL WAN).

All installations receive an Actiontec MI424-WR or Westell 9100EM wireless router. Router model depends on operating area. Verizon standard practice is to provision the WAN connection over the coax connection to the router.

For a list of the various ONTs, see: »Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »What are the different models of ONTs?

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