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Q: How do I create/maintain a diary?

A: Creation of new diaries has been discontinued.

However, if you have an existing diary, you can continue to maintain it. If your diary is public, the diary can be accessed from the members "user profile page." Click on the link next to "Connection Diary."

If the connection diary is private, the "user profile page" will not have the link. To access the diary, you need to use this link: /dsl_diary/

This page will include info from your member profile page. If any of this info is incorrect, you can click on "use preferences to modify this" under your location. Note that the default setting for a completely private diary is "YES." If you want your diary to be public with the option of keeping certain entries private, click on "to tell people what youre up to." Otherwise, just click on "New Entry," "New Event" or "click here to create one."

If you decide to go public, the Current (Public) Attitude page will load. You must check the box next to "Has one or more public entries" to change your default private setting to public. Your membership profile will now show that you are "Keeping a Connection Diary."

After you click on "Update," you will return to the previous page, and you can start posting entries.

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