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If you have some incoming calls that never ring your phones and instead, go straight to VoiceMail, please verify the following:

•(1) That your system is not OOS and using the Backup Call Forward setting.

•(2) That no Call Treatments are set to route some or all calls to VoiceMail.

•(3) That your (Cable or DSL) modem is setup to keep the connection alive forever.
-- This is a configuration on your modem (and/or router), so please verify with your ISP as to what setting is required to set the connection always ALIVE! (keepalive forever, set timeout=0 for infinity, ...)

NOTE: "ALWAYS ON" is a marketing term meaning that you "can" have a broadband connection all the time - it does not mean that it really is !!

In reality, when the "keepalive" is not set, after some time of inactivity (the timeout) on your network, the ISP actually drops the connection to your network.

-- As long as you use the ISP network (web browsing, email, etc), the connection will stay up and incoming calls will ring your TBB line.

-- Once you stop using the network, after a certain timeout (usually about 15 minutes), the ISP connection drops. At this point, TBB servers cannot communicate with the ATA and believes it to be OOS, so will send new incoming calls to VoiceMail.

-- When you again start to do something from your network (computer or Voip), it takes but a second or two to re-establish the network connection and all is well -- you may notice this "delay" when you use the network for the first time in between the dead periods.

TBB servers should always be able to communicate with your ATA and route calls appropriately - unless you have specific settings in Concierge, Remote Phone, or Backup Call Forward as noted above.

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last modified: 2011-01-26 21:31:44