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Scroll down for the table. Something is messed up with how the site displays this FAQ.

Motorola QIP 7100-P23rd gen HD STB without a clockCurrent deployment
Motorola QIP 7232-P23rd gen HD/DVR 500GB.  Current deployment
Motorola QIP 2500SD only box with guide/on demand/etc.Phased out.
Motorola QIP 2708SD 80GB DVRPhased out.
Motorola QIP-6200 1st gen HD boxPhased out . 
Motorola QIP 71002nd gen HD box with a clockPhased out.
Motorola QIP 6416 1st gen HD/DVR 160GB
Phased out.
Motorola QIP-7216 2nd gen HD/DVR 160GB
still in circulation but no longer manufactured. Units being retrofitted by VZ with 500GB drives. Sticker on box indicates larger drive size.
Motorola DCT-700 digital adapter
provides all SD channels
No VOD or guide
Current deployment
Cisco CHS 335HD STB with a clockCurrently available in VHOs 4, 6, 8 and 15.
Cisco CHS 435HD/DVR 500GBCurrently available in VHOs 4, 6, 8 and 15.
Arris VMS1100
HD DVR 1TB, 6 tuners, No external storage at this time.
Current deployment.  Also ships with 4 tuners disabled  and 500GB usable as a replacement for 7232 MR-DVR.
Arris IPC1100
Remote client for VMS1100.
Current deployment. 

Thanks to waiting4fios See Profile for collecting this information.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • 7216 and 7100 are phased out now (Multiple VZ reps across multiple dpts have confirmed this) For the 7216 you could put the fact that some units had been retrofitted with larger hard drives in the column with the regular capacity, as both the 7216 and 7100 have been phased out.

    2015-01-24 15:54:10 (BranchS See Profile)

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