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  • Preferred Uninstallers - 2011 Member Choice
According to Wikipedia, "An uninstaller or deinstaller is a computer program which is designed to remove all or parts of a specific other program or application. It is the opposite of an installer. Some software vendors ship an uninstaller with their applications. A third-party uninstaller is a program which uninstalls programs from vendors different from the uninstaller vendor. Such uninstallers often aim to support uninstallation of a number of programs."

The most popular uninstaller in the 2011 Poll was Revo Uninstaller.

In second place was the built-in Windows XP/Vista/7 Programs and Features uninstaller.

Third place goes to CCleaner.

Other uninstallers in the poll that received votes are listed below.

• Add Remove Plus/Pro
Cleanse Uninstaller
• CleanSweep
iObit Uninstaller
jv16 PowerTools
• OSX Drag to Trashcan
• Program-Supplied Uninstaller
Total Uninstall
TuneUp Utilities
Uninstall Tool
• Windows System Restore
Your Uninstaller
ZSoft Uninstaller
• None
• Other

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