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In the event you have a network device that you would always like it to have the same LAN IP address assigned to it, there is a way to do this in the Actiontec router. Although IP assignments are done dynamically, DHCP, there is a way to change the IP lease from dynamic to what the Actiontec calls a static lease. This is also commonly known as a "DHCP Reservation".

With a static lease, the Actiontec DHCP server allocates a pre-determined IP address based on a table with MAC address/IP address pairs. In this process, a "paired" IP & MAC address, is set to be assigned a static lease, instead of the default Dynamic. DHCP is still in effect, but it is just under more defined parameters.

The process to alter, the type of lease from Dynamic to Static on an individual MAC address is as follows:
1) Log in to your Actiontec router. at
1) Top menu bar, click on Advanced. Do you want to proceed - Click Yes.
2) Click IP Address Distribution
3) Click Connection List
4) You'll see a table "DHCP Connections", locate the device you want to change, and click (either) it's name in the left column, or the Edit icon to it's far right.
5) Your device will appear with a check box "Static Lease Type". Add a checkmark in that box.
6) Click Apply
7) Click close
8) Logout
If you wish to revert from Static to Dynamic, just clear the checkbox in Step 5.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Thanks for the instructions. I followed the steps and after I made the changes to two devices, the two devices show a lease type of static under DHCP Connections. Oddly, when I go to My Network, the devices continue to show a DHCP connection, even after a refresh. Any thoughts?

    2015-02-23 08:49:56

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