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  • Preferred Office Suite Programs - 2011 Member Choice
Office Suite Programs are some of the earliest, and still to this day most utilized applications for computer users. Office Suites typically include integrated modules with Word Processing; Spreadsheet; Database; and Presentation functions. Microsoft Office is the "800lb Gorilla" in this category, however, there are a number of good alternatives, including several full-featured free office suites. Although most here are for traditional "computers" such as PCs or Macs, a couple are introduced that are specifically tablet/smart-phone oriented.

Thanks to all our members who participated in this year's 2011 Member Choice Poll!

Among paid and free Office Suites, here is the breakdown by percentage of votes for each:

Paid Office Suites
Microsoft Office 2007/2010 (the newer formats) - 44%
Microsoft Office 2000/2003 (the "classic" but still oft-used .doc format) - 19%
Corel Word Perfect X5 - 1%
MS Office for Mac 2011 - 1%

All other paid (or low-cost) office suites came in at under 1% with only a couple of votes each.

Free Office Suites
Open Office.org 3.2 - 16%
Libre Office - 9%
Google Docs 2010 - 4%

Based on previous polls, the overall percentage of free versions is similar, with newcomers Libre Office and Google Docs taking a bite out of Open Office.org

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