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  • Preferred Image Viewers - 2011 Member Choice
Thanks to all who contributed their preferences and comments!.
The poll and it's results can be found here: Image Viewers - 2011 Member Choice

To summarize, an image viewer or image browser is a program that can display stored graphical images. It usually handles various graphics file formats and renders the image according to the properties of the display such as color depth, display resolution, and color profile. Most image viewers have some basic editing capabilities.

Typical features of image viewers are:

•Basic viewing operations such as zooming and rotation
•Full screen display
•Thumbnail display
•Screen capture

Advanced features are:

•Decode next image in advance and keep previous decoded image in memory for fast image changes
•Display (and edit) metadata such as XMP, IPTC Information Interchange Model and Exif
•Batch conversion (image format, image dimensions, etc.) and renaming
•Create contact sheets
•Create HTML thumbnail pages
•Different transition effects for slideshows
•Basic editing functions like renaming, resizing, cropping, sharpening, color adjustment, brightness and saturation

Now to the specific results:

Many contributors commented that they use more than product. By a wide margin, InfranView was the preferred viewer, with MIcrosoft provided viewers running second and Fastone third.

Picasa, ACDSee and Paint.Net rounding out the top five.

Other applications mentioned with comments:

* XnView mainly for two reasons:
1. Supports Adobe plug-ins; when one wants to do quick edits/tweaks to an image.
2. Multiple tabbed windows for images.

*IrfanView and Canon camera software for simplicity
*Cam2PC, like the one-click transfer feature. Limited filetype support.
* (Pentax) camera's viewer for viewing PEF and DNG files. Prefer for adjusting RAW images taken with improper white balance, sharpness, EV, other camera settings.
* stone - faster opening folders and PEF/TIFF/DNG images than the camera software.
* Raw Therapee - Good for preview, adjustment of RAW files - great sharpen/unsharp mask processing and temperature control. Has the most functional editing capabilities. Slower than most viewers.

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