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Yes, they should. If you use a router/hub to connect multiple PCs, then they should all be set to the same MTU. Whether that is 1492 or 1500 will depend on your connection and software.

Some PPPoE software, like Enternet (not Ethernet) and WinPoet, will not allow for higher than 1454 IPMTU. This, then, would be the number that all PCs will use.

If you use ICS (MSFT's Internet Connection Sharing software), then it is important to set ICS MTU for each PC to match that of the other machines as well. This can be done using DRTCP from the Tweaks Forums "Links."

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Please address these issues: If I want my MTU to be 1500, do I set it to 1500 or 1472 in DrTCP? No matter what I set MTU to in DrTCP, Tweak Test returns "Change MTU to 1500".

    2008-03-04 05:55:11

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