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After successfully connecting to your modem via telnet, there should be a command field next to:
[ 1] Console> - type in: rf - hit enter.

There's two separate command functions for downstream and upstream power levels.
In the 'RF' category, type in the following:

• downstream levels: ds
• upstream levels: us

For example, here's what you should be seeing on your command lines-

Upstream stats:
Click for full size

Downstream stats:
Click for full size

As you can see from the screenshots above:
    upstream signal is: 44.25 dBmV;
    downstream signal is: 3.2 dBmV;
    SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio, labeled as MSE in the downstream) is: 38.258 dB

See --> »Optimum Online FAQ »What should my modem levels be?
For industry acceptable signal levels.

Note: the TM822G appears to allow access to the signal page, unlike some earlier models.

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