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Last hitting is when you get the killing blow on a creep. You don't get gold for beating down a minion. You don't get XP for beating down a minion. You only get gold when a minion dies and you're the last hit. If you beat down the minions, then you effectively push your minion wave forward. The further you push your wave, the more prone you are to being attacked or ganked from a side or middle lane. This is why it is effective to last hit. Don't push unless your team can obviously handle the heat and you have a ward to detect enemy threats, and you're intending to deny the enemy team and/or put hits on the enemy team's tower.

So, what happens when the other team is pushing you, and no one is ganking, or is even able to gank? Learn how to last hit at a tower. Now, this isn't an exact science, and as you accumulate levels and items, this varies, but there is a way to last hit minions while letting the tower do the work. Learn how to perfect this per champ. AD champs have an easier time than AP champs.

Last hitting a melee minion: Let the tower hit the minion twice while its at full HP, then hit it the third time. A tower will take it down about 45% per hit, leaving you to do the last 10%. You really want to focus on not losing these. They're worth more gold than caster minions.

Last hitting a caster minion: Land the first hit on a caster minion and then wait until the tower hits and then land the last hit. If your minion wave is also hitting it, do not land the first hit.

Last hitting a tower minion: Or... whatever the hell they're called. The tower will hit it multiple times. Move around and time your shot appropriately. Try to last hit these as much as possible. They're worth the most gold. While the tower is hitting this minion, it's a good opportunity to get a single hit on the caster minions and to time your shots with the tower.

Note: 90% of players do not know how to properly last at at a tower. If you can dominate your lane, it is advantageous to push a minion wave into an enemy's tower to deny them gold, even though they'll still get XP. This is an extremely effective tactic in mid. Melt your minion wave and then retreat back to your tower as the enemy is either forced to get hit by minions to get gold, or most likely retreat to their tower and watch the tower deny them the gold.

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