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So, everyone thinks that the more kills you have, the more gold you have, right? Maybe. But creep score is how I win the game. I get the most creeps in almost every single game I play, no matter who I play, whether it be Alistar or Morde, I try to dominate the creep score. Once I have the gold advantage, fighting opponents is easier, because I also have the item advantage. This is how I win. This is how I dominate game after game after game. It's not just about the skill, but about going into a fight with the odds on your side.

But most people already know that, right? They know that the gold is accumulated from minion kills. You learn that in the tutorials. But what people don't do, is continue to farm with absolute vigilence the entire game. They'll farm the early game, and then go roam and attempt to push/gank, get no where, and fall behind on money while minions die to each other instead to you.

Very few people realize that minions increase in value as the game goes on. That creep wave that's worth very little is worth a lot more in the middle game and worth hundreds at end-game. Because of that, you'll see my prioritization on farming be higher in the end-game than it is in the early game. Meanwhile, everyone else focuses on futile team fights that deny you XP and gold. A good team should have every single lane pushed out of their safety limits and the jungle should be empty ALL THE TIME. This should be like this ALL GAME. The only exception would be if you have a very clear advantage in pushing a lane or engaging in a team fight. Many times, these team fights just happen. Those who go out and "seek" the fight frequently lose. Those who stage themselves up for a fight are the wons who frequently win. When your lanes are properly pushed and your team is properly fighting, you have a very quick advantage to push one or multiple towers and/or inhibitors.

To summarize, farm all game, not just early game. Compare not your kill score, but your creep score to the enemy team. Deny them creeps and the kills come naturally. If you can adopt the mentality that player kills are a result of good creep score, then your team will win. Do not throw this mentality out the door when mid/end-game comes.

Note: Jungle minions do not increase in value over time. Mid/End-game, shoot for creep waves before you dive into a jungle at those stages.

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