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The entire purpose of jungling is to allow your top-solo lane to accumulate XP and gold at the same rate that your mid does, effectively allowing your team to have "two mids" and two early carries who hopefully can carry to the end. This assumes that you didn't forfeit your win at champion select and you have two people capable of handling mid and top. In many cases, your best player is your top solo, because of the lane disadvantage and/or the 1v2 disadvantage. Your purpose is to farm your brains out and when the opportunity arises, gank. How you gank is up to you and your team. Note that if you gank, you better expect something positive to come forward from your team. If your top solo is getting pushed by two full health players, there's not much you can do to just run and own two champs. You'll just feed. Don't be stupid. If you can't gank, don't wait around in their bushes. Follow your jungle route and don't get behind on levels or gold. The laning players are fighting against human opponents. The jungler is fighting against the clock. Wasted time is wasted gold and levels.

There are two basic paths for jungling. Your choice in path is also decided by which item you get first. For most champions, your item selection is going to end up with you getting a Wriggle's Lantern. Because of this, people usually start off with and armor and up to 5 health potions, or a lifesteal scepter. You'll always use smite as a jungler. If you aren't, you're either bad, or so proficient, that you don't need to read this guide anyways (And you're probably playing Warwick). Not everyone is meant to jungle. There's a guy out there whose sole purpose in life is to jungle with every champ available. Once League of Legends no longer gets played, he will commit suicide after becoming worthless. You are not this guy. You only jungle with champs that intend to jungle. That means jungling with melee champs. Champions that have a self-heal function are ideal. Champions like Lee Sin, Nocturne, Warwick and Tryndamere are excellent for this. There are countless others. Xin Zhao and Warwick are probably the easiest junglers in the game, as they self-heal the most. There are others that don't heal as much, but are still plenty viable and should still jungle. You generally want your AD melee carry to jungle, because they're the easiest to deny at the early levels. Tryndamere is ultra easy to shut down at the early levels until he hits 6. Because of this, he'll do better getting $$$ in the jungle.

When you're jungling, you're going against the clock, not against the players. After reading this guide, you will not come out with the best possible route for all champions, you'll just have a better idea of where to go from here. You'll want to read the individual jungler guides, or a third party site to get individual champion jungle routes. Personally, I prefer to jungle with champions with a lifesteal scepter that build into a Wriggle's Lantern, because I like to use as few potions as possible. They'll be self-sustainable at sooner and I only buy two potions instead of five, saving myself a valuable 105 gold at the early levels, versus other junglers.

As for ganking? Good luck. That's an art that is difficult to perfect and results vary from game to game. If your team is pushing hard, it is utterly impossible to gank unless you want to risk death at a tower dive, forfeiting your red/blue buffs. When their team is pushing hard and with low HP, it's a piece of cake to gank. I've found that this is the largest indicator of how well your jungler can gank. It is directly related to the opponent's HP and their position in lane. Expect idiots to rage at you for not ganking because they died while over-extending. It happens all the time. "WTF NO GANK" will happen frequently by people who push their lanes too hard, and then retreat and get their shit pushed in because they were stupid.

I need to make something absolutely clear. The success of the lane is the responsibility of those in it. If you lose your lane, it is your fault, not your jungler's. Your jungler has rare opportunities to take advantage of a situation and cannot simply "gank" because you told them to. At worst, they can feed. Most likely, they can help push a lane back and give you an advantage. At best, they can put a dent in an opponent's HP, forcing them to go back, or play defensively, allowing your lane to farm... or even wipe out the enemies in lane entirely.

The purpose of a jungler is to allow a larger accumulation of your team's levels and team's gold, not to frequently gank. Ganking is a courtesy and has a large luck/opportunity factor to it.

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