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Amumu is a well rounded tank you get Physical Damage reduction on your E (Tantrum) to the point that small minions do 0 damage. He needs a lot of mana early game so blue is a must on him.

Cursed Touch (Passive): Amumus hidden gem. Any magic-damage dealer will love you, and it is one of the factors that make Amumu formidable in a 1v1 situation. It will reduce the magic resistance of any enemy you hit.

Bandage Toss(Q): Disable/Blink. Amumu has very short range on his abilities, and this is the exception. It gets you in close so you can do your damage. Use it over a wall for a nasty surprise. The enemy is stunned for the travel time plus 1 second, so move away from your target before casting for an extra 1/10 second of stun.

Despair(W): Amumus best ability, in my opinion. Used wisely, it uses much less mana than Tantrum. Super-effective if the enemy is stacking health. If you have Despair on when an enemy is not in range, you are wasting mana. Take advantage of the near-zero cooldown.

Tantrum(E): A good ability, and the main source of damage its cooldown is reduced every time you are hit, it also gives you physical damage reduction which is great for both jungle and against AD champions.

Curse of the Sad Mummy: One of the best ults in the game (read the best). It can change the course of a teamfight. Try to immobilize squshies as well as tanks to maximize effectiveness. Remember that some abilities can be used by champions caught in the ult (watch out for Katarina and Morgana), also you can move and attack after the ult fires without interrupting it

My Build usually goes, same for jungle or lane:
Spell order:

HP Quints
Mpen Reds
Flat Armor Yellows
MRes/Level Blues


0/9/21 (Lane Teleport/Flash) (Imp Tele, flash)
1/8/21 (Jungle Smite/Flash) (Imp Flash)
9/21/0 (Lane or Jungle)

Philo Stone
Lvl 1 Boots
Heart of Gold
Mercury Threads
Aegis of the Legion

Frozen Heart
Sunfire Cape
Force Of Nature
Abyssal Scepter


I like to start with Cloth Armor and a 5 x Health Pot.

Normal Route (Get W first):
Blue (With a leash, smite, get E next)
Little Golems (smite)
Back get Philo Stone and pots

Safe Route if Blue puts you at risk (Get E first):
Wraiths (smite blue one)
Little Golems
Back get Philo Stone

When you gank do not start with your bandage toss (Q) head to the champ and use it after the flash is used or when you pas the minion wave for best results.


He is a very good bottom laner, but he is very mana dependant that is why he is normally used in the jungle, if you are jungling and dont need the Blue Buff any Amumu will be happy to take it. If you get the opportunity to lane you start with:

Regrowth Pendant
Health Pot

On your first trip back to base you need to get:
Philo Stone
Boots lvl 1

On your second trip back to base (when your teleport is up) you get:
Heart of Gold
Mercury Threads (Finish boots) or MR Cape
2 wards

Your role is more about denying experience and preventing ganks / protection , while letting your lane partner last hit. Positioning is a good part of this, try to angle yourself so you are always on the same side of the most dangerous champion so you can bandage toss in case they initiate, always turn on Despair (W) as you are flying to your target and turn it off as soon as its not needed, this will save you enough mana to keep yourself in the fight, use Tantrum (E) when close to enemies to trigger the MR reduction from your passive.

Team Fights:

You are the tank, you are expected to be at the front of your team, initiate and take it in the face (Im here to die first!! should be your battle cry), you can initiate in three ways Flash / Ultimate into the enemy team saving your bandage toss for later use, Bandage Toss / Ultimate or run towards enemy team. You need to be aware of what kind of CC (Crowd Control) the enemy team is capable off the idea is to have as many enemy champions in the AOE, after the stun wears off you can stay on top of them with Despair(W) and Tantrum(E) reserving your Bandage Toss (Q) to stun any high priority champion that tries to harm your team or any enemy trying to leave the fight. Positioning is a very important part of tanking and knowing what your team is capable off, communication is key, if you dont have voice communication a simple going in will get your team ready to fight.

Credit: Jobbie

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