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Ref: »[INTERNET] Why do we ask for encoded mac address's

said by negativeduck:
I thought everyone would like to know why we're always asking for the encoded mac address with posts on problems. What you may not realize is exactly why we ask especially when you are convinced its not a problem in your residence and you believe it to be an RCN network problem.

The truth is even when it is a RCN network problem which generally we will relay back when responding the encoded mac address tells us literally where to look. The CMTS that provides your service may have more than 40 ports servicing downloads, and some sites may have 3 or more of these chassis installed. Each one of these ports can serve any number of fiber optic nodes, which as youve probably seen in press releases RCN is a very fiber rich company; this means more nodes to deliver service to smaller groups of customers.

Each chassis may have upto 120 physical ports that your uploads connect into that generally represent a subset of the nodes attached to the downstream. When you provide the encoded mac address it hones us in on exactly where you are across the RCN network. When you start to figure each individual port is effectively creating a unique network you start to see why we need to get specific in locations. Likewise because of the way fiber / coax runs in your city / town its entirely possible that you and your neighbor across the street are served from two different chassis or two different ports.

So when you say Im in this town , or Im in this area you realize we have nothing to go on. All we have as an area that could be spread across any number of ports both upstream / downstream and even chassis.

I thought Id just offer up a why we always ask, and why when a customer in Town A posts of a problem even if you are in the same Town your problems are likely not even related. They may be the same symptomatic problem but we can fix one without ever even touching your connection leaving you stuck.

Bryan Laird, RCN Engineering

For posting to the public forum, please do NOT post your mac address. instead provide your Encoded Mac found on the RCN Speedtest page.
(No screenshots, please....just copy & paste it for easier look-up)

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