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CopyRite XP is a GUI for Microsoft Robocopy command line file copying/synching utility

•Presents all of Robocopy's arcane features in an easy to use GUI
•CopyRite XP will alert the user with and E-Mail when the operation is complete
•Settings can be saved to files for easy retrieval.
•Using CopyRite XP the user can easily migrate data from one PC to another or synchronize data from one location to another.
•It will remove files in the destination that no longer reside in the source if desired.
•CopyRite XP is easy enough for the average user but powerful enough for the seasoned IT Admin.
•Copy files and folders based upon time and date last modified or accessed.
•Add and remove attributes from files during the operation.
•Include or exclude files based upon their attributes.
•Copy/Move/Synch files and folders based upon size
•Save all operations to a log file(s)
•Throttle the operation to conserve bandwidth on slower links.
•Copy Symbolic Links rather than their target files and folders.
•Restartable after a crash with no need to copy large files all over again.
•Program can run in a 100% GUI, GUI and command window displaying results which closes upon completion, or have the command window remain open after operation for troubleshooting.

Download: @ DaveSoft


workablob See Profile is the author of this handy app, and he is "offering the program and future major and/or minor upgrades to DSLReports members for free" ---- as a way of giving back to the community that has helped him so much.

Thanks, Dave.. it's community spirit that built this place..and we are very appreciative! ~lil~

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