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The purpose of this guide is to create awareness of the importance of knowing how to work with a jungle in your setup.

The idea of having a player in the jungle, responds to various needs in a game. It will allow to:

- Have 3 solo lanes (top, mid, jungle) for increased experience and gold gains
- Dragon Control, this is the key objective for early mid game, it gives almost 1000G to all the team and a good deal of experience, you will have 4 players to contest Dragon at any time 2 bottom, 1 mid and the jungler
- Normal lanes battle against other champions, Jungler battles against time which allows planning your next move in a better way (gank, counter jungle etc.)
- Lane Control, as the jungle is a roamer that can pop on any lane (with the right setup) to gank, this will make the enemy champions to burn summoner spells or at least retreat, taking pressure of the lane, denying experience and gold to enemy and in the best case, get a kill.
- Buffs Control, Blue and Red are very strong buffs that need to stay in your own team, and when possible, steal enemies buffs will put them behind

At the start of the game, it is very important to know where your jungler will start his path; there are 4 possible start points for any jungler

- Wolves,
- Wraiths
- Little Golems
- Blue

Each of these paths offers different levels of security:

- Starting at Blue involves a high risk because the camp is very close to the river, which can enable ganks, counter jungle from enemy team. It will allow in most of the cases for a full clear and faster ganks.

- Starting on the other 3 paths is safer but will make the jungle go slower, so the jungler needs to pick his starting point depending on the own team level 1 fight capabilities and his own jungle needs.

Jungle Protection:

At the start of the game all members of the team need to be ready to protect your own jungle, not many players realize this and just run towards their own lane. At higher levels of play level and premades level 1 fights are enforced to put the enemy team and/or the jungler behind so it is important for the team to be prepared for this and to defend your jungle. There is nothing worse than giving first blood and possibly a blue buff at level 1, this will put your lanes at risk and give a huge advantage to the enemy laner while putting your jungler behind.

If your jungler is starting at blue, teams need to be guarding the river for possible ganks and it is advised for one team member to guard the Wraiths camp, it is a very common counter jungle technique to smite the blue wraith before your own path if you know that the enemy jungler does not start there.

There is nothing worse for a jungler to get counter jungled, this means the enemy jungler will invade your side of the river to try to steal your creeps or try to kill the jungler. If an enemy jungler is spotted (map awareness for all lanes is very important) the lanes need to provide help since in most cases your jungler will be at low health and no tower close to run.


If the jungler is starting at Blue or Little Golems and leash is normally needed. The leash consists of hitting the Blue golem or the little golems so they not aggro the jungler right away, this lets him start with a more aggressive build and/or not taking too much damage to start ganks earlier.

Here are two good leashing video guides:

Different types of leash:


Tricky Leash:



As stated above, it is not the main purpose of the jungler to be a ganker, ganking is an added benefit to the roaming nature of the jungle. Said that if the gank did not end on a kill is still a good thing, it may force the use of summoner spells and it will force the enemy to think it twice before being too aggressive or pushing the lane.
Most ganks need preparation, it is very hard for a jungle to gank your lane if you are half hp or if is pushed to the enemy tower , because it could end bad for all, it is recommended to get the enemy laner low health and if it is possible to force the use of summoner spells before a gank, communication is always key, always let your jungler know when enemy uses his flash spell so he can gank that lane before it comes off cooldown.

When your jungler marks your lane for a gank, you need to be specific on the gank target, mark the target with a ping and initiate so your jungler can go in with you.

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