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Brighthouse Networks Currently provides Three types of Internet services for residential users.

The Three> Available Internet Service Packages are:

RoadRunner Standard - currently provides Speeds Up to 10 Mbps Download and Up to 1 Mbps Upload, along with 10 Email Accounts and 2GB of Mailbox Storage

RoadRunner Turbo - currently provides speeds Up to 20 Mbps Download and Up to 2 Mbps Upload, along with 25 Email Accounts and 5 GB of Mailbox Storage

RoadRunner Lightning - Road Runner Lightning uses wideband technology. Wireless home networking is included so youll be able to keep all your computers and mobile devices connected anywhere in your home.

RoadRunner Lightning currently provides Up to 40 Mbps Download and Up to 5 Mbps Upload, along with 25 email accounts and 5GB of Storage

Service levels of TURBO and above include PowerBoost, which provides a short burst of download speed when capacity is available above the customers provisioned download speeds. 'Turbo' service, for example, would see up to 30 Mbps down for that short burst, possibly higher in some locations. Service then reverts to the provisioned speed for the remainder of the download. PowerBoost is a registered trademark of Comcast Corporation.

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