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While we will do our very best to minimize the disruptions of support in this forum, disruptions and longer than normal response times can occur. The senior agents that work this forum are part a small Social Networking Team within a larger call center. The demands of the call center, live customers calling, and supporting agents of lesser seniority will take priority over manning this forum, or any other Social Networking site that we monitor. There will periods of time (hopefully short periods) that due to high call volume, supervising support teams, and inclement weather that we will be unable to monitor the forum.
If your service is down, need immediate assistance, or simply do not want to wait for an agent to respond you have several options at your disposal.

1. Please call the help-desk at your earliest convenience, the number to live telephone support is 800-347-1991. Please follow the prompts for tech support.

2. If your modem is operational (DSL light is green, Internet light is green, and Activity light is blinking) but your PC is not seeing the modem or is unable to connect wireless please contact Tech Help @ 877-353-5678. Tech Help is a group of agents that specialize in troubleshooting computer issues ranging from wireless connectivity to hardware issues that are outside of the boundaries of support for Broadband Support Agents. Fair Warning Tech Help is a subscription based support that will be billed to your monthly bill.

2B. You can always start a thread and ask the members of this forum you question or simply explain your troubles. That after all is why everyone is here, and the members of this forum provide a large wealth of information.

3. You can open a chat with a live agent by going to »www.windstream.com/residential/c ··· -support for all internet connectivity issues. This includes updates on latency or out of service outages, dropping connection, or anything else that can not wait until a Tier II agent on this forum responds to you. If you are asked to disconnect you modem (either reset or power-cycle) do not be concerned, when you modem comes back online you will pick up exactly where you left of with the same agent you were chatting with.

We very much appreciate your patience and patronage of Windstream!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Specialist II Support Team,

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