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How do I configure my XBOX 360 for PPPoE?

DISCLAIMER: Windstream technical support does not provide troubleshooting support for this topic. This information is provided for your convenience. Please do not contact Windstream technical support in regards to setting up your XBOX 360.

If you are a Windstream customer with a Speedstream 4200 or a 2Wire router, and it is already configured to work with your Broadband connection, these instructions should not be necessary. However, your Speedstream 4200 or 2Wire router may need to have ports forwarded to your XBOX console for its current setup to work properly.

These instructions are assuming that you only have a Speedstream 4200 and that has been fully bridged.

To configure PPPoE settings on your XBOX 360 console, follow these steps:

Move to the System section of the XBOX dashboard.

Select Network Settings.

Select Edit Settings.

On the Additional Settings tab, select PPPoE Settings.

Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the following PPPoE information:

User Name
Select Done. Select Apply and Test when you are prompted to do this.

Your XBOX 360 should be set up for PPPoE.

If you need additional support with your XBOX 360 console, please visit the following web site for information on how to contact XBOX Customer Support:

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