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how-to block ads

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Pop-Up Stopper was the winner in this poll with 28% of the total votes. It was followed by PopKi which gained 19% of the vote. Links to other software in the poll can be found below.

The latest version of Pop-Up Stopper stops Internet Explorer pop-up windows without adjusting proxy settings, or adding sites to a list. Surf in style with this free tool, allowing pop-up windows only when you want them! Unique control feature makes it simple to allow only the pop-ups you want, such as opening hyperlinks or new browser windows.

Pop-Up Stopper requires that you are using a compatible Operating System and Browser. Pop-Up Stopper is supported by most Windows Operating Systems including Win 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.

it's features include :

Now even easier to Install and configure, and easier to control

Eliminate pop-up windows without adjusting proxy settings.

Play a sound to notify you when a pop-up has been blocked

Stops pop-under windows

Online help is available which will provide you with a guide to its features and also a FAQ section.

Other applications either included or mentioned in this poll are:

Pop-up killer
Surf Pal

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