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Below are two scenarios where UD Monitor comes in handy.

Scenario 1: PC only has Internet connection occasionally, such as a laptop.

Solution: Set UD Monitor to cache the maximum number of work units you expect to crunch while you're not connected. Put UD Monitor in your startup group. When a workunit is completed, UD Monitor will hold the results and switch to the next oldest cached work unit. When you re-connect to the Internet, click the "Send/Receive" button and all cached results will be submitted and the cache will be refilled.

Scenario 2: PC has an Internet connection, but you want to be able to crunch during server or ISP downtime.

Solution: Set UD Monitor to cache one day's worth of work units (at least 2). Put UD Monitor in your startup group. No other user intervention is required as long as the UD servers and your ISP stay up. UD Monitor will automatically submit results when completed and will keep the cache full. If there is an outage, you may need to click the "Send/Receive" button once service is restored to submitted results collected during the outage and to refill the cache.

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