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Most satellite broadband companies advertise speeds of "up to" 400-500kbs down. Actual download speeds very widely. Your results will depend upon your provider, transponder and gateway assignment, and your registry tweaks, among other things. But the good news is nearly everyone gets better than the advertised download speeds. One-way systems usually average in the 500-1,300kbs range and two way systems in the 600-2,000kbs range. Starband systems seem more stable in their download speeds, and DirecPC based systems seem to have more speed potential. Many DirecPC based two-way systems when fully tweaked have attained speeds in excess of 3,000kbs and average 1,500kbs - 2,500kbs. You should note however, that depending upon transponder assignment, many users with identical systems can only get download speeds in the 600-1,300kbs range.

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Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • The above comment is Waaay out of date and should be removed. I am getting what I paid for 1MB/120k. However the actual ability to surf websites does not match up with the reported speed, probably because the speed tests are files being transferred. Maybe latency of 520 ms is the real problem?

    2009-09-10 12:09:41 (deepdiver See Profile)

  • "But the good news is nearly everyone gets better than the advertised download speeds." -This is flat out not true... read the Hughesnet forums to see how many user get much less than advertised, and that's when they get a connection at all.

    2009-09-04 12:08:16 (parachute See Profile)

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