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Latency for satellite connections is very high due to the distance the satellites are from earth. One-way systems typically get pings in the 400-500ms range with 450ms about average and two-way systems in the 690-1150ms range, with 850ms about average.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Don't know if this is of any use to anybody... I am on Opensky service in the Sicilian mountains. I get latency (checked over 2 days) of aprox 600ms. Also upload and download speeds are 300 kps and 85 kps respectively...

    2015-02-25 04:40:00

  • With my two-way connection, I have never clocked in a ping lower than 720 ms, and currently I am brandishing a shiny ping of 2900 in games. Satellites are NOT for gaming.

    2007-11-06 21:48:14

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