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Yes. We aren't aware of any popular instant messaging services that don't work with satellite connections. That being said, there are a few caveats. None of the instant messenger file transfers seem to work with Hughes based satellite systems. Also, users running WIN98SE with MSN Instant Messenger have reported that after about 15 minutes of idle time, the MSN Instant Messenger shows that you are signed-on, but actually, you aren't. Other users will see you as "offline" and if you attempt to send a message you will have to sign on again.

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  • Hughes, I have Hughes Net. When I try to SKYPE my son in Germany he goes NUTS in that my signal is so poor. ANYONE is great, but Not me. I believe that the Satellite delay to the Hughes Sat, and Back could me messing things up. Even the USA to Germany could be on Undersea Fiber/Cable which will me much faster. It works better if I shut the picture off, but then it tells me the connection is poor and they will help me.

    2012-09-25 22:42:40 (UncleDave See Profile)

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