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Yes. Actually it is very easy to share the satellite connection across your local area network. You won't be able to use a hardware router like you might use for a cable modem or dsl modem. Mainly, this because there is software that must be running on a "host" computer directly connected to the satellite modem for the system to work at all. So you will need to have a computer connected to the satellite modem that is on whenever anyone on the network wants to access the Internet. You will also need some kind of Internet connection sharing software. The Internet Connections Sharing (ICS) software built into all Microsoft Windows platforms from Windows 98SE up, works just fine. There are also various third party software solutions available.

For an in depth look at sharing your DW4000 Satellite connection using Internet Connection Sharing on Win98, Click HERE.

WinXP users sharing a DW4000 system go here: /faq/8237

DW6000/4020 users scroll down to the section on Self-Hosted systems. Your connection-sharing methods are different.

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