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NOTE: Do not use these settings with the DW6000!
If you have a self-hosted DirecWay connection (DW4020 or DW6000), your tweaks are here: /faq/8500

Tcp Receive Window (RWIN): 224360
Window Scaling: YES
Time Stamping: NO
Selective Acks: YES
Path MTU Discovery: YES
Black Hole Detection: NO
Max Duplicate Acks: 3
TTL: 64
MTU: 1500

Try these settings first. If you find that your download speeds are at or over 1,500kbs with these settings, then increase the RWIN to 474280, so that you can get the full download speed potential available to you. If your speeds are ALWAYS below 1,500kbs, raising your RWIN any higher than 224360 won't help, and may actually hurt your connection speed. See image below.

Do not use these settings with the DW6000

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