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Using "one size fits all" speed tweak patches is an incredibly bad idea. Here are just a few reason why:

1. These patches were never developed with the high latency and high speed combination of satellite in mind.

2. Because the developers don't know how many TCP adapters are on your system, they play tricks to make sure all adapters get "tweaked". One of the most common tricks is to assume there will be no more than 10 adapters, and therefore to create registry entries for 10 adapters. Since almost no one has 10 TCP adapters on their computer, this creates many excess registry entries causing extra overhead and great confusion if you ever need to figure out what is what in your registry.

3. Many of the patches give you no way to undo the changes you made after they have completely destroyed your connection, or only to undo themselves incompletely. Many people have had to re-format their drives and re-install a clean copy of their o/s to fix the problems created by speed patches.

The bottom line is that by using DrTCP, you control the changes and you can always change things back to if you like.

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