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In the Direcway satellite forum you see many posts about a certain transponder and optimum settings.
The frequencies we refer to in our posts are actually the down-converted (IF) frequencies coming down our coax after being converted in the LNB at the dish. The satellite frequencies transmitted and received are much higher and not easily routed to and from your sat modems.

You will find many DSLR members have added the down-converted frequencies to their signatures as well for ease of passing along our setup information.

A partial list of the satellites in use are:
AMC9 (83)
AMC3 (87)
IA8 or Galaxy 28 (89)
Galaxy 11 (91)
IA6 or Galaxy 26 (93)
Galaxy 3C (95)
Galaxy 16 (99)
Satmex 6 (113)
Satmex 5 (117)
Galaxy 10R (123)
Horizons 1 (127)

Your system is set up to use 1 of these during the installation and configuration. You have no control over which one your system uses. The determination of which transponder and satellite you use is based upon your provider. Your installer can get your system moved at commissioning if there is a problem with the line of sight or signal from a certain bird.

A pdf file for reference of all satellites & transponders in use can be downloaded here:


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