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If your game uses microsoft DIRECTPLAY (directX), and if you have a Netopia, Linksys, or other NAT device, then you need to configure it for directplay because by default it will now work.
Directplay is microsoft directX protocol for multiplayer games, and it isnt NAT friendly!
Nevertheless, this link might help:
It describes the port ranges you need to MAP to your interal PC for incoming connections. Refer to your NAT device documentation for how to map incoming port ranges to a single internal IP address.
If you have a NETOPIA, ensure you are uptodate on firmware, since that allows specification of mapping of NAT port range from outside, to a machine on the inside.

Edit to add: some of the above is outdated info. Here is current info:

DirectPlay 8 and above are NAT friendly with UPnP devices. Prior to DirectX8, you had to manually forward ports.

Here's a link: »support.microsoft.com/kb/240429

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last modified: 2006-05-31 19:01:41

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