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Frequent loss of line sync (the normally green light on your DSL modem goes out, blinks, turns yellow or red, and the Internet is suddenly unreachable) can be caused by:
  • Line noise
  • A faulty modem
  • A line card problem at the CO DSLAM
  • Frequent CO DSLAM upgrades that are not communicated to you.
If the problem is regular - for example, at roughly the same time almost every day and it lasts for some time, you should investigate whether or not local line interference is the root cause. This could be: street lights going on, local transmitting towers of any kind, lights or electrical devices in or around the home that are possibly routed near your inside wiring. Unfortunately, having successfully guessed this cause, it is often very hard to correct ... even another copper line might have the same problem.

If you suspect modem malfunction, check for heat. Replace the modem if you can. If it is an internal modem, change slots and try running with minimum other internal cards. (Remove SCSI cards, Soundblaster cards and so on.) This is to verify that the root cause is not a plain old Windows hardware conflict.

If all else fails, it may be a marginal card in the CO DSLAM that is causing your line problems. Suggest (although this might be ignored) that the DSLAM card be re-seated, or that you be swapped to another card.

At least one user has reported that not enabling DMA on his hard drive was the cause of his sync problems.

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