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There are various configurations of satellite internet connections. When you are asking questions or giving information in the forum, it is helpful to know what your configuration is. Instead of re-typing your configuration for every post, you can create a posting signature with the information that will appear in every post.

To create a posting signature, on the left side of the DSLReports page, click Members, then Forum Prefs. Fill out the signature information and place a check mark in ".sig default is show:"

The information we find most useful is...

Your ISP: Direcway, Earthlink, other
Which DirecWay System you have: DPC Gray Dish, DW3000, DW4000, DW4020, DW6000
Which Satellite: G11, G4R, Satmex5, etc.
Transponder Frequency: 970, 1350, etc.
Operating System (of Host computer):
Direcway software version: (not applicable to DW4020 or DW6000) ver., ver.

Some basic 'client' information if you have a network--
Anything else is just 'feel good' information that you can show, or do without.

An example 'signature' would would look like this...
Earthlink DW4K, G4R 970, XP Pro/SP1, ICS, w/1 XP Home client

If the 'useful' stuff is visible, it saves 'questions' later.

Satellite locations, transponders & frequencies in use

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