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The Barricade Routers do NOT have an explicit Password Recovery procedure. You need to restore the Router to the Factory defaults. Restoring the unit to the default would erase all the setting you have configured.

Here are the default password for Barricade Router.

SMC7004BR, SMC7008BR, SMC7004WBR, SMC7004AWBR (part 750.5312) - 'admin'

SMC7004ABR, SMC7008ABR, SMC7004AWBR(part 750.5435), SMC7004VBR V1, SMC 7004VWBR, SMC2804WBR V1 - has blank password.

SMC7004VBR V2, SMC2804WBR V2, SMC2804WBRP-G, SMCBR14VPN, SMCBR18VPN - 'smcadmin'

Please follow the procedure in »SMC Forum Help »How do I reset my router hardware to the default settings. for Resetting to defaults settings.

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  • he pass word is great. Whats the user name?

    2009-10-29 22:32:32

  • Many Thanks!!! :)

    2009-06-22 10:58:07

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