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Uploading an avatar strips out any animation, unless one of the qualifications below have been met:

Became a Premium Member:
Premium accounts have the ability to upload animated avatars immediately after the account is created, or converted from a basic account!

Purchased 5 Tool Points:
For other accounts, avatars cannot be uploaded unless you have purchased at least 5 site tool points from this page.

Premium members maintain the ability to have animated avatars regardless of tool point balance. In other words, if you use your tool points, and your balance goes below 5, you can still have animated avatars. A Premium member will retain an animated avatar even with a zero tool point balance.

Animation Ability Donated To You:
Other site users may donate the ability to have an animated avatar to you, if they so choose from this page.

Animation Requirements:
All animated avatars must be 50 pixels wide and 50 pixels tall and the image 32k or less in size. If a file is uploaded outside of these requirements, the animation will be stripped.

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