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This information from Practicallynetworked.com......

(Watch Out! Opens a wide port range!)
IN UDP 1034 - 1035
IN UDP 9900 - 9901
IN TCP 1034 - 1035
IN TCP 2644
IN TCP 8000
This Mapping is needed to hear the audio from the incoming
party, outgoing audio
would work without it.
** According to phonefree the ports you need open are:
8000 TCP For Server access
1034 UDP Voice in/out
1035 TCP Voice in/out
2644 TCP Personal Communication Center
I found that port range 9900-9901 UDP is also needed but
not mentioned at
phonefree support.
Also shut off any other firewall programs you may have

To make PC-TO-PHONE calls, it seems only UDP port 9900
must be opened
(the fewer ports open, the better!).

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