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DSLReports Security Scanner tests your firewall.

Shields-Up Port Scan
tests your firewall.

DSLReports Tweak Tester checks your Windows TCP/IP parameters for broadband.

DrTcp (Windows Executable Download)...Set your RWIN and MTU.

Nuke WinPoet cleanly gets rid of that pesky PPPoE client WinPOET.

MacTFTP uploads firmware to router (MacOS).

TFTP uploads firmware to router (Windows)

SNMP Trap Watcher is a free Win95/8/NT/2K utility that displays and logs the SNMP Trap messages that the Linksys routers send during operation. These include both inbound and outbound connections, plus a plethora of other diagnostic and informative messages.

Freeware for Windows includes several utilities including "Active Ports" to monitor all open TCP and UDP ports on the local computer which helps determine what port(s) may need forwarding for a particular program.

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