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If you are providing any kind of service on your line (web, email or FTP or other), you know how important reliability is. Check up at any time, to ensure that everything has been continuously available while your attention was elsewhere. Get alerts of outages, leaving you free to pay attention to more important things.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I want to thank all involved in providing the line monitors as they have MORE than proven how valuable they are. For the VERY small price per week, this has already given me more than enough info as it relates to my connectivity in the month I have been using the monitors. I now have SOLID and CONCRETE evidence of the sporadic nature of connectivity loss in addition to a laundry list of reasons that I can show the ISP. It is not disputable that there ARE real issues thanks to the multiple formats (graphs/Excel sheets) to provide the connectivity data! :):). There is absolutely NO other tool out there that offers a simple, real-time, and value-added solution other than what is provided here. Furthermore, being able to be part of a monitoring group allows us to see how others are fairing in addition to our ourselves. This is yet another valuable feature that you won't find elsewhere!!! :) :) Thank you all again for offering this & the efforts put into it.

    2013-12-22 09:10:08 (nma851 See Profile)

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